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7 Ways to Sell Agile to Project StakeholdersWhether you’re making the move to Agile project management in your development group or creating an Agile process for your in-house project management methodology, chances are you’re going to have to sell this change to executives in your organization. And, they’re going to be business people too. This means you have to have a really strong business case, no matter how logical and even obvious switching to an Agile system might be.

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Reclaiming some time for myself


High on the list of other projects I’m pursuing since leaving CNET TechRepublic is trying to regain some of my personal time back. I had some weeks (and well months) where it seemed my life was divided up into writing, eating, going to the gym, and sleeping. That can be fun even idyllic for some but we all need a break.

Reclaiming some of my personal time means:

  • Finding a hobby of some sort because so much of my life has been writing, eating, going to the gym, and sleeping
  • Working on my house
  • Catching my breath

My slow down will probably last as long as I feel good about it.

Have you reclaimed time for yourself this year?

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The DocOps Trend

The advances and benefits in Agile programming and Agile project management are making headlines and grabbling a lot of attention these days. But what about technical documentation? While one of the principles of the Agile Manifesto is “working software over comprehensive documentation” you can’t escape the need for customer-facing documentation.

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Leaving TechRepublic


After more than three years, I’ve decided to stop freelancing for CNET TechRepublic. It’s been a great run and an honor to work with such a great team, but I’m ready to pursue some new projects. My last official deadline for TechRepublic is October 26th.

While freelancing for TechRepublic, I’ve met some interesting people and got to write on topics that interested me. Interviewing industry thought leaders challenged me to think about my positions on technology and project management topics.

The work opened some wonderful doors for me professionally and challenged me to present my views on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility during some online events.

You’ll still see my byline on the web but maybe not on the regular basis that it appeared in TechRepublic over recent years.

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Random & recent projects: Summer is over edition


Where did the summer go?

I had a busy summer with lots of projects. Here are some highlights:

What projects do you have underway for the fall?


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Scaling Agile for Business Using SAFe® | LiquidPlanner

There’s been some recent buzz around an Agile process called SAFe®. Have you heard of it? Scaled Agile Framework®  (SAFe®) is based on Lean and Agile principles. As a project management framework, it espouses a core set of principles that include: Taking an economic view Assuming variability Preserving options Decentralizing decision-making. SAFe also aims to be a vehicle for enabling organizations to scale Agile development to the enterprise.

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