7 ways to build mobile app security early into your lifecycle

Mobile app security doesn’t start when you deploy your shiny new mobile app to users. Rather, mobile app security needs to become part of user stories and be part of mobile app development from the date of project kick-off. “We need to teach developers to think about mobile app security up front, and not as an afterthought,” advises Zubin Irani, founder and CEO of cPrime, an agile transformation consultancy.

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Mobile app beta testing: 7 tips from the masters

With quality assurance (QA) teams under pressure to do more with less, adding the challenge of mobile app beta-testing can quickly overwhelm them. They may have tens—if not hundreds, or even thousands—of testers to shepherd through the beta-testing process. And while gaining feedback about a soon-to-launch mobile app is critical, it’s also important not to waste tester or developer time in doing so.

Source: Mobile app beta testing: 7 tips from the masters


My recent thoughts about Evernote


I’m a longtime Evernote user. I go back to the days when nobody knew who they were. I was a customer during their rise. Now over 16K of my notes and a new Evernote corporate management team later I wonder what the future is for the company and the tool that has changed how I stay organized. I read about Evernote users leaving after recent pricing changes, but that’s not me since I’ve been an Evernote Premium user for a couple of years. I believe in paying for software that’s an integral part of my workflow.

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My three favorite Google Apps for Work integrations

GApps Header

I’ve come around on my feelings about Google Apps for Work after working in Microsoft Office-dominated organizations for years. My skepticism for Google Apps for Work has gone away as the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improves across platform. One thing that I still think that Google has always gotten right is the ease of integration with Google Apps for Work and other platforms through the Google Apps Marketplace.

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ISO a new writing haunt


There are times when I need to break out of my home office to get things done. It usually happens when the solitude (or maybe the mess) of my home office gets to be too much. So during the past two years, I’ve tried a number of places close by my house in Northern Virginia including:

  • Starbucks is fine for short bursts but I’m not a coffee drinker. I do love their hot chocolate though making it more of a fall/winter place for my writing.
  • Panera can be a productive place for me especially on Saturdays in the fall and winter. During the summer
  • McDonalds never made the list because I’m still scarred from reading Fast Food Nation.

To me, the perfect writing haunt includes good Wi-Fi and activity. My favorite area right now seems to be the Mosaic District with its large Panera and other wonderful lunchtime options.

One of the bigger mistakes I made in 2012 when I returned to freelancing was spending too much time by myself in my home office. With all remote clients, much of my communications were via email and group chat. I missed out on human interactions.

What makes a good writing haunt for you?

Image by Redd Angelo via Unsplash.com