When BYOD isn’t BYOD

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Just because a person brings their personal mobile device to work means its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Case in point, I carried an iPad 3G to my last office job for almost three years. The iPad went with me every day and even to some meetings. However, as a contractor on a United States federal government site, I never connected my iPad to the Wi-Fi network even if they would have let me. Likewise, I couldn’t even access my previous employer’s email system via my iPad or even iPhone for that matter.

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More random and recent thoughts about personal email management


Now that I’ve returned to an on-site contract after more than two years of working from home. my thoughts about managing personal email are evolving yet again.

Here are some of my random and recent thoughts about personal email management:

  • Use Unroll.me to unsubscribe from as much as email as humanly possible. Cull through both my email account at least twice a week to get the list down even further.
  • Set filters for off shore recruiter emails for “URGENT opportunities” that are no where near where I live to delete the emails upon receipt so they never hit my email inbox.
  • The email app developer that develops a filter for just off shore recruiters could own the email app market in the USA.
  • Send any PR pitch not addressed directly to me to spam.
  • Cut down on online channels of receiving PR pitches. I quit accepting pitches through my blog contact form and through about.me. Not surprisingly, I still have PR people send me pitches through about.me.
  • This month I gave up on responding to off target pitches from PR people. I just get the same off target PR pitch again when that agency gets fired and a new one gets hired.
  • The Gmail Web UI is still pretty crummy.

How have your thoughts about personal email management changed lately?

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5 reasons to use personal spaces on wikis & collaboration platforms


I’ve been using Atlassian Confluence for about a month now as part of a new technical writing contract. While I’ve been a wiki and collaboration platform proponent forever, the move from work at home to client site based technical writer got me thinking about my attitudes and stances around wikis and collaboration again.

Personal spaces on collaboration platforms are such unrealized opportunities. For example, Atlassian Confluence includes Personal Spaces, and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 includes MySite. There’s so much that individual contributors and teams can do with these personal spaces including:

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