Random & recent projects: Summer is over edition


Where did the summer go?

I had a busy summer with lots of projects. Here are some highlights:

What projects do you have underway for the fall?


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Scaling Agile for Business Using SAFe® | LiquidPlanner

There’s been some recent buzz around an Agile process called SAFe®. Have you heard of it? Scaled Agile Framework®  (SAFe®) is based on Lean and Agile principles. As a project management framework, it espouses a core set of principles that include: Taking an economic view Assuming variability Preserving options Decentralizing decision-making. SAFe also aims to be a vehicle for enabling organizations to scale Agile development to the enterprise.

Source: Scaling Agile for Business Using SAFe® | LiquidPlanner


How I became a morning writer

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I had a favorite English professor in college named Doug Demars, who told me once that there are morning writers and evening writers. He always said that you need to know the times when you are most productive as a  writer.

Never would I have thought of myself a morning writer until a few years ago. For years, I was always more productive as a writer late in the day, even at night.

My Total Thyroidectomy in 2010 reset my body clock and chemistry in some new ways. Waking up earlier was one of the first noticeable changes. Granted, I wasn’t waking up ready to take on the world. However, I was up earlier and more alert than when I had a Thyroid.

During that time, I had a day job that was 15 minutes from my house. Getting to work early meant I could get home earlier to go to the gym and pursue personal projects.

When I was laid off from a day job in September 2012 due to federal government budget cuts, I wanted to hold on the same schedule I kept when I had an office job

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Seven things change management can learn from tech media sites

My latest post is live on the LiquidPlanner blog:

Change management needs to become more agile to communicate the iterative changes that agile development and DevOps bring to enterprise users. Most industry-accepted definitions of change management revolve around its systematic approach for driving business and technology change at both the organization and employee level.

Source: Improving Change Management | LiquidPlanner


Rethinking how I use LinkedIn



Since I’ve been writing for wider audiences these past two years, LinkedIn continues to be a go-to site for research. However, I’m definitely shying away from accepting more and more invites from people who don’t personalize a note to me.

By no means, am I trying to play like I’m a big fish or something, but I’ve had to pull back on the invites I accept. There were the connections who ended up spamming me, or offering me money to place a link in a TechRepublic post, and those sorts of things.

On the plus side, LinkedIn enables me to learn more about my audience, remain connected with some of the interesting people I’ve met while writing articles for TechRepublic and other sites.

The LinkedIn publishing platform gave me the opportunity to keep some posts I wrote for The Mobility Hub (now offline) in circulation that is great. I also spent some time updating some old posts I wrote about SharePoint and online collaboration. This publishing exercise showed me how my thinking has evolved on those subjects in recent years.

How have you changed the way you use LinkedIn?


Create mobile presentations with Microsoft Office Sway


Microsoft positions Office Sway as a quick and easy way for creating and sharing interactive reports, presentations, and personal stories. The Office Sway mobile apps are part of Microsoft’s continuing embrace of  iOS and let you create content in Sway using your mobile device. There’s mention of a Sway mobile app for Android under development.

While writing this post, I used Office Sway on an iPad Air running iOS 8.4. You can also download the Sway app to your iPhone or Android devices as well.

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