Stop abusing the word “Curate”

I am all for changes in the English language as long as they are for the positive. What I am not in favor of is the hijacking of words to make something sound more important that it actually is. When I was writing software and technical architecture documentation, the word “architecting” really rubbed me the wrong way. Now the hijacking of the word “Curate” by technology journalists, analysts, and some pundits is giving me a chuckle.

Merriam Webster defines Curate as:

transitive verb
: to act as curator of <curate a museum> <an exhibit curated by the museum’s director>

It has become hip and fashionable to use Curate under the guise of social media, a collection of links, or some other form of online information repository. None of which bear any resemb

Now when I come across the hip/fashionable usage of curate on a technology website or in a publication, it is a signal for me to stop reading. It’s usually a sign of a journalist with no real technology industry experience or idea of what they are writing about to begin with.


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