Book Review: SharePoint 2010 for Project Management by Dux Raymond Sy (O’Reilly Media)

SharePoint 2010 for Project ManagementI’ ve long been a believer that project teams can get a lot more out of SharePoint team sites if organizations decentralized SharePoint team site development and management to the team level.   SharePoint 2010 for Project Management  by Dux Raymond Sy is just such a book a must read for project managers and team leads who want to centralize their project information.

The book leads readers very methodically through building a Project Management Information System (PMIS) from SharePoint 2010 right out of the box without the need for third party add-ins much less a professional services agreement. The steps that Dux Raymond Sy lays out in the chapters of the book only require your IT/IS group to set you up with the appropriate roles and privileges and then following the steps in the book can take you to PMIS nirvana. He goes into enough detail where even first time and novice SharePoint users can get a PMIS up and running.

Dux Raymond Sy is both a PMP and SharePoint MVP who does the very work he writes about in this book.  I was continuously impressed with how he was able to combine project management principles with SharePoint accessible in a manner that didn’t require a PMP or SharePoint certification to grasp. This is the kind of book that can help break down the tough to use reputation that SharePoint has in some organizations.

SharePoint is already a powerful platform but sometimes needs “some help” from the bottom up for teams and their projects to reap its full potential.I’ve seen SharePoint languish inside some companies for reasons of staffing and budgets with cobwebs growing over never or little used team sites. SharePoint 2010 for Project Management is veritable cookbook about how project managers and their teams can put SharePoint to work to manage their documents, calendars, tasks, and other project data all the while without sucking the life out of the IT group.

A project manager and/or designee with this book in hand can help turn a SharePoint site into a powerful project management tool. Sy even takes a very low budget approach using SharePoint 2010 Foundation  (a free version of SharePoint) as the basis for the examples in the book which I really like because he doesn’t rope readers into a high cost solution. The book will work with the full version of SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.

I enthusiastically recommend this book especially if you are a project manager or team lead who has access to a SharePoint site (underutilized or otherwise) and want to put it to work better help manage projects and team communications.

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