Book Review: Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual by Peter Meyers (O’Reilly Media/Pogue Press)

bought a Kindle Fire on its launch day. While I’ve come to enjoy the device, I read Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual by Peter Myers to see if there if there was anything I missed in my tinkering with the Fire. Well, I am pleased to report that the book provides a friendly yet in-depth coverage of the Kindle Fire’s features. Even if you are a longtime Kindle Fire user, you will find something in this book.

Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual takes the reader from unpacking and setting up Amazon’s hot new eReader to using it as a traditional eReader, perusing the Newsstand even consuming video and music on the device. If you are open to use it as a tablet, section III of the book takes readers through using the Fire for email, managing your contacts, and web browsing. Section IV of the book is devoted to tricking out the Kindle Fire with apps from the Amazon App Store for the full realm of tablet tasks.

The appendixes aren’t just an afterthought because they do a solid job of explaining the various Kindle Fire settings and finish out with Troubleshooting and Maintenance documentation. Both appendixes should are a good introduction to users new to troubleshooting tablets while still being helpful to more tech savvy Kindle users suffering from brain freeze or a random synaptical misfiring when they have an issue with their new device.

The pleasant part of the book is that the author doesn’t cheapen the book by calling it an “iPad Killer”. Even when he gets into areas like using the Kindle Fire as for documents and spreadsheets (the Kindle Fire does have a built-in Docs Library), getting photos and home videos onto the Kindle Fire, and managing time, tasks, and travel. While the Kindle Fire can do all of these things, I may not get past just playing around with those features, because I am better served using my iPad for them. However, I did enjoy the coverage and picked some other power user tips from the book. I definitely plan to spend some more time revisiting those features for sure.

I recommend this book to readers brand new to eBook Readers and the Kindle Fire as well as experienced eReader users. It’s well written and has something for everybody.

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