Book Review: Take Control of Screen Sharing in Lion by Glenn Fleishman (TidBITS Publishing)

Take Control of Screen Sharing in Lion by Glenn Fleishman from TidBITS Publishing, Inc is a comprehensive book about the technology and art of Screen Sharing in OSX Lion. It’s the book to read if you want to learn the ropes of screen sharing in OSX Lion.

Fleishman leads readers through the basics of screen sharing through screen sharing with iChat (good coverage just too bad iChat is going away); sharing via BonJour; sharing via direct network connection; sharing via Back to My Mac; and sharing via Skype. The steps are all very detailed in each section. However, I would have liked the book to be a bit more generous with screen captures for the more novice Mac users reading this book.

The book won me over by delving into the technical details especially the details in the Prepare to Share chapter, which gives a detailed explanation of how to setup your Mac’s Screen Sharing Service. Considering the security risks remote management and screen sharing carry with them, readers need the indepth technical details which this book delivers throughout.

Since I work in an office on most days away from the MacBook Pro in my home office, screen sharing via an iOS device is a big thing for me and the Chapter about Sharing Screen in iOS gave a good review of LogMeIn (what I use) and introduced me to  iTeleport another iOS screen sharing app.

I just books like this one by if I learn something new, and the book certainly delivers in that regard. I found definite benefits in the details especially in the Troubleshooting chapter because I’ve seen so many screen sharing actions run afoul of security or network glitches in the past.

The only downside of this book is that is packs in a lot of technical information. While the book is well paced some novice users may get lost in the densely packed book but then again if you are a novice Mac user then you may not be quite ready for screen sharing quite yet.

I look forward to seeing this book updated upon the next release of OSX and I highly recommend this book to people who want to learn the gentle art of screen sharing with their Macs.

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