Book Review: SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real World Projects (Microsoft Press)

I am a sucker for practical technology books especially about Microsoft SharePoint so Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real World Projects hits my sweet spot with its well paced projects that take readers through all the stages to create and implement a SharePoint project using out of the box features. It puts me in my mind of the excellent SharePoint 2010 for Project Management book by Dux Raymond Sy.

The projects based approach to this book is a real selling point especially since you don’t even need to be a fully trained SharePoint developer/administrator in order to follow them and the create the projects. The book’s projects run the gamut from a project management solution, a basic FAQ solution, to a resource scheduling solution. Project complexity grows as the book progresses but each project sticks to the format of Identifying the Business Problems; Gathering Information; Designing the Solution; Building the Solution; and Managing the Solution.

In fact, I could see arming a technical user who may not necessarily be a SharePoint developer or administrator with this book and have them work through and implement the projects themselves. The projects also take the various SharePoint versions available including SharePoint Online (part of the new Office 365) into account which is a nice touch.

Another selling point is the attention that the authors pay to the planning stages in each of the book’s projects. I’ve often said that SharePoint isn’t it’s the implementation that makes it bad and the planning section of each of the book is in itself a great tutorial in SharePoint Project planning best practices. The planning and gathering information sections of each project include some of the strongest material in the book with some great lessons for readers brand new to SharePoint site development.

I recommend this book highly especially to readers who are seeking to get more out of SharePoint right out of the box without having an expensive professional services engagement. There is so much that can be done with SharePoint out of the box that organizations never seem to tap into so they can get maximum returns on their SharePoint investment.

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