2017: The good and the bad


I’m happy to see 2017 come to a close. It was a good year for me by and large but certainly ran into my fair share of hassles during the past few months.

The good

  • Worked in a full-time job writing about what I want to be writing about and working with people I truly like, respect, and enjoy working with
  • Embraced the cloud and managed services as writing topics as part of a larger strategy to broaden my body of work past enterprise mobility
  • Dipped my toe back into article writing again after taking a break from it and feeling like I need to do it more in 2018
  • Spent time updating, revising, and editing some old blog posts from my a now offline personal blog and republishing them to Medium and the blog you are currently reading
  • Took a week long vacation where I sat on the beach and did absolutely nothing
  • Spent time reading for leisure including books such as Creativity, Inc, Extreme Ownership, and Make Your Bed
  • Discovered circuit training at the gym

The bad

  • Watched so much manufactured hate and intolerance that I had to declare my Political Atheism
  • Gave up late night talk shows because they became unwatchable due to political drama and blather
  • Procrastinated taking some online training I need to take for my own professional education
  • Ended out the year with some real hassles such as a contractor messing up the front steps to my house and the who issue going to court; the first Thyroid medication that ever worked for me going on backorder and becoming hard to get; and getting rear-ended on my way to work one morning and having to deal with the other insurance company that was sure I was trying to rip them off.

How was your 2017?

Will Kelly

I’m a senior technical writer and content strategist focused on the cloud and DevOps. My writing experience includes bylined articles, blog posts, white papers, marketing collateral, and technical documentation. Follow me on Twitter:@willkelly

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