Hi! My name is Will Kelly. I’m a senior technical writer and content manager based in the Washington, DC area. Currently, I’m the lead technical writer in the corporate growth group of a government contractor. Collaborating with smart people and writing about cloud computing and other technologies is how I spend my workdays.

While for work, I use a corporate issue Windows 10 notebook PC, I’m all Mac in my home office. I currently use an iPhone 8 Plus (but soon I’ll be upgrading to an iPhone XS) and a 10.5” iPad Pro as my mobile devices.

I went to school to become a journalist but came out as a technical writer. Much of my career was spent developing and managing technical documentation projects in support of product launches and technology initiatives. Working directly with engineers and programmers during those years taught me how to be technologically self-sufficient as a technical writer.

A typical workday for me revolves around either writing or reviewing technical content. I try to keep myself out of meetings unless it’s absolutely necessary to getting work done or face-to-face is the best method for communicating with the person.

I can’t live without Microsoft Office — OneNote and Word in particular for my day gig. I should also say Skype for Business, but I still have mixed feelings on that application. In my freelance life, I also can’t live without Microsoft Word for submitting articles for publication. Now, when it comes to personal writing projects, I switch back and forth amongst apps including Dropbox Paper, Quip, and Google Docs.

I count on my trainer at the gym to help me get things done. In 2017, I developed a love of circuit training after nearly quitting the gym altogether. When I can get to the gym at the end of a workday, I have a chance to click off for an hour or so. After that, I can come out with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Work is a thing I do rather than a place I go at this point in my career. My current job lets me switch from working at one of two corporate offices or working remotely at home depending on what’s happening on the project front that day.

A fun fact about me is that I’m dyslexic so I gravitated to mobile devices early as tools to stay organized. I started with a Palm Pilot and now use a combination Fantastical (Google Calendar on the backend) and iOS reminders to keep organized. I also use Trello to track some editorial projects.

Recharging and taking a break are both things I’m trying to get better at doing. Last summer, it meant going to the beach twice. There’s something about sun and sand that lets me stop for a while.

My usual side project of choice is writing articles for technology publications. It’s an activity I didn’t do enough of in 2018 and hope to change that in 2019. Such side projects expose to me new ideas and give me the chance to take my own stand on technology topics.