Random and recent thoughts about revisions

Unlike some writers, I’m OK with being asked for revisions whether it be an article, blog post, or technical documentation I’m writing. Writing and publishing is a team effort.
I’ve had the blessing of working with some amazing editors in the course of my writing career. Unfortunately, I’ve also worked with some organizations that could never factor in the importance of reviews into their document cycle.

Here are random and recent thoughts I’ve had lately about the gentle art of revisions:
  1. Solo writers should move to as replicable of a process as possible with self-editing as possible. Personally, I keep an editing checklist on Asana and use it when writing and editing my articles, blog posts, and documents.
  2. Revisions are a natural part of the writing process and in a world where software ships with bugs and even worse issues more people should understand this fact.
  3. Collaboration is a hidden element within editing and revising documents.
  4. There are people who think they can do the writer’s job better than the writer. When feasible, I say let them do it.
  5. The chemistry between the writer, editor, and client is another hidden element that you shouldn’t dismiss.
If you are a writer, how do you greet revisions and edits of your work?
This post was originally posted on a now defunct personal blog I used to publish. I revised it before I published it to my new blog.

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