Projects@Work – Google Apps for Managing Projects

The recently launched Google Apps Marketplace features more than 20 (and counting) project management applications that augment Google Apps or Google Apps Premier Edition in support of team collaboration, planning, scheduling and reporting. If you are working with a project team standardized on Google Apps or Google Apps Premier Edition, it makes sense to visit the Google Apps Marketplace and check out a few of these applications. See if they can help round out your project management toolkit and democratize your project management data. Integration doesn’t require much technical experience, and some of them are even available for free.



Google Sites: A Wiki for Regular Folks

Google_sites_logo I got a question from a former colleague the other day who’s wife was looking for an easy to use wiki for her small business. My wiki experience runs to MediaWiki, PMWiki, DokuWiki, and even SharePoint 2007. Plus I’ve never had experience with wiki not being used by a team of technical folks who were fine with wiki markup language and the other subtle features and nuances that wikis require to put content online, accessible, and available for editing.

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Is Microsoft Office in Danger?

WebOffice_Logo Having spent some of my professional life as a technical
writer and consultant and then writing for technology industry web sites and publications like WebWorkerDaily and Projects@Work, I’ve gotten the benefit of viewing Office productivity suites – Microsoft Office and web office suites
like Google Apps and Zoho Business from all sides.

Microsoft Office has indeed grown in complexity – Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, and the upcoming Office 2010 all added more features that grow the venerable Office suite into more than just a tool to compose and save your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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9 Reasons Why Google Apps is “Telework in a Box”

I’ve recently been thinking about how Google Voice, Google Wave and Google Buzz joining the full Google Apps lineup would make it a budget-friendly teleworking platform. Organizations can now literally purchase themselves a “telework in a box” solution — a complete office productivity software, communications and collaboration package — with little or no requirement for support from their own technical staff.



My Latest Email Management Efforts

1215930_14474450 I decided this year to finally make some definite steps to get my email accounts under control. This includes my domain and Gmail accounts. While I am no where near declaring email bankruptcy, I have let some personal and professional emails slip through the cracks and need to put a stop to that happening.

Once upon a time, I also aliased my email to also be sent to my Gmail account because I thought it was a good way to back up my email especially when my cable broadband provider was going through a spate of email server issues. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now seems to be contributing to some of my issues.

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Microsoft Exchange Meets Competition

As Microsoft works to prepare Microsoft Exchange 2010, the venerable Microsoft Exchange is seeing new fronts open in its competition with Google.

Many skeptics see Google’s entry into Office productivity and the enterprise in general as a feint towards Microsoft to keep them distracted away from the lucrative online search and advertising markets.  This skepticism crossed my mind more than once over the past few months. However, recent Google Apps service announcements show a Google Apps product road map that is maturing the service. Google Wave is another development that also has Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft’s Unified Communications Services directly in its cross hairs.

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The True Implications of Google Wave

While I might be a bit late in writing about Google Wave, I’ve been a long time follower of Web Office productivity suites and Web mail and have been following the news about this upcoming Google service with great interest.

Today’s workforce is at the intersection of email, instant messaging, social networking, and online collaboration. Unfortunately, to date nobody has brought forth a business-class communications solution that brings together these mediums into a complete solution.

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Can Google Voice Change the Web Office Landscape?

The announcement of Google Voice could be a game changer for the Web Office landscape since managing voice mail in a user friendly manner is one of the great challenges to office productivity today.

I have an account on GrandCentral . However, I have not used my GrandCentral number for any critical business communications. While my tinkering with GrandCentral has been positive, as a freelancer, I was hesitant to use it as a primary contact phone number for my clients. However, I did use it on a limited basis especially as a throwaway number on occasion.

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